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Adobe AIR is a multi-platform system that opens up more opportunities for both developers and everyday AIR computers, enabling developers to create new web applications with HTML, XML, Javascript and Flex. In addition, they are not limited to using the Adobe library, but can create, share and use themselves to create a specific website (function () {(‘review-app-desktop-desktop’);}); For users, Adobe AIR provides access to rich and attractive Internet (RIA) applications that can be run directly from the desktop. It uses very little memory, usually starts and starts quickly, and has a very quick visit to the Adobe Exhibition Gallery and has an idea of ​​what types of applications are being developed for Adobe AIR: Google Analytics report packages, desktop Twitter desktops, movie discovery tools and more Of course you can also find applications that are not very good, but thanks to Adobe AIR, the endless possibilities and the real dependence of AIR’s creativity contribute to the web application revolution by helping designers and developers create different types of Internet-based disc releases. , visit: full version registration, visit:

Adobe Air

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