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Facebook Pro is an application whose function is only to use your favorite network without a browser. It does not require installation and there is no Facebook in the app

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After launching Facebook Pro, the application will immediately load the Facebook homepage. The user experience is exactly what you expected: Sign in and read on the wall, send a private message, update your status and change account settings, and more with Facebook.

Unfortunately, this program does not include special features or many new features to increase the use of social networks.

Taskbar icon

As an application, the Facebook Pro icon is pinned to the window bar. This means you can easily access Facebook even if your classic browser is not needed

If you want Facebook to remain practical and easily accessible from the taskbar, Facebook Pro is the program for you.

Unfortunately, there are no big celebrity claims here: software is just a window that launches social networks and nothing else. In addition, he uses a lot of resources; The test consumes around 130MB of RAM, which is very much for limited applications.

Facebook Gameroom (formerly Facebook Games Arcade) is a standalone application that allows users to play Facebook games without having to access Facebook pages through a web browser. Players can access the games they have played on social networks and browse other game menus.

Game recommendations are categorized along with other suggestions based on similarity with the user’s favorite game. The fact that Facebook Gameroom is a standalone application means that players can save time by creating shortcuts to their favorite games instead of clicking (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);});

Facebook Pro

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