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Far Cry 4 respects the predecessors of Far Cry 3 so much that people can almost say that we are seeing a very long development.
As Far Cry 4 takes place in Kyrat (Himalayas) and offers terrain changes, the rest remains the same: explore, hunt, develop your character, AI enemies, secondary

Is it bad news that what we have here is “about the same”? Let’s find out.

(function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Now with more elephants
Far Cry 4 invites you to investigate Kyrat’s mission to save the region from dictatorial claws. Like Far Cry 3, part of the mission’s ability to penetrate is to skip the main linear missions and engage a large part of the content.
Conquest of the dictatorial militia is one of the best games, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Birds can fly directly into the air without being shot down, fly with helicopters and attack by long-range crawlers. There are other random events that add a lot of uncertainty to your expedition.
Other secondary missions are more linear, but they are more diverse than you play in Far Cry 3. For example, with your faithful friend, a grenade launcher, you receive a rebel army’s trailer. The results literally explode.
“everyone is very famous”, you might think. Far Cry 4 adds more “tools” to unleash your creativity, such as elephants, mini-helicopters, more animals, but the structure remains the same.
Far Cry 4 wants you to be free from the chaos of the business. Multiplayer mode is an exciting game. You can travel in Kyrat with other users in cooperative mode or with Vs. Player mode is like catching a flag or setting off a bomb.
Another important part of this campaign is the fortress. Here are 4 high-difficulty superposts so you can try to hit it with your friends in Multiplayer mode. You are good at going alone or in the business, but we miss these challenges.

landscape Change
Kyrat is a beautiful place. The graphics will help you forget about Paradise Island Expansion from Far Cry 3. Each suburb of Kyrat has its own style and color, and the kind of culture you can draw from the landscape. For that, Far Cry needs a powerful computer. But the sacrifice was worth it.
If you recently played Far Cry 3, you should skip the Far Cry 4. tutorial, and even if you are a newcomer to the series, you will learn leadership immediately. It’s very intuitive and you can do many things with it without having to do complicated test combinations or buttons (if you’re playing with a game).

No revolution exists in the sky
Far Cry 4 is “about the same”. Do you expect to repeat the crazy things you did in FC 3, but this time in a whole new way and with more opportunities? Then jump into adventure and never think about it again. Do you agree with something more revolutionary? Then wait for the inevitable Far Cry 5.

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