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Movie recording and editing with just one program SmartPixel is a useful all-in-one video editing software that not only allows you to create your own original video clips, but also lets you capture video on screen and even in webcams. Developed by Beyond Magic Limited, the SmartPixel is easy to use and offers many options for beginners and professionals alike. If you are looking for a lightweight and simple video editor that can do your job, this is a good suggestion.

There are many video editing programs for different types of characters and users. Some of them are quite specific in their use and you can talk about them by observing their features. Most are comprehensive software that includes the various tools that a video editor may need. Some of them are quite expensive and are usually designed for professional installation, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Wondershare; (function () {(‘overview-application-page-desktop’);}); others are intended for casual video editors and usually differ in terms of performance and number of features offered. If you need a simple editing program that’s great for YouTube videos, SmartPixel is a great place to try it. Editing video clips also lets you edit your videos without having to open them. It has three main modes: editor, recorder and webcam. Your standard interface is largely an editor mode that lets you import video clips and add music or other audio clips and even effects to them. Curiously, when you click import, the program will ask you whether you want to import and edit, or as an add-on: importing videos to a tray will not merge all videos into one timeline. You still need to connect them manually. It doesn’t help much if you find a quick guide to the first time you open a program, but after that it can’t be easily simulated; save mode opens a small window that can be used simultaneously with the editor window. Its main features include the ability to select the desired recording screen and the Save button. The webcam mode is the same as replacing the recorder, but works generally. SmartPixel is quite basic in its features, but these are the tools you would expect from a free video editor. Unfortunately, setting this up can be confusing if you start to explore the features in more detail and for some reason you can’t restart the tutorial. Additionally, the Effects and Sound tabs may become blank in the event of network failures. Recording the performance of this program is great, but its video editor can be quite confusing.


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