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Today there are many racing games on the market, especially car racing. Among these is the Game Hit Zone Street Racer. It’s a free 3D racing game that gives you high and low views during play. Rush victory with different cars. The game offers frequent competitions and competitions to give you the excitement you are looking for.

Administering trackStreet Racer is a simple racing game. Like all available car racing games, it suits you and the AI ​​drivers and challenges you to complete the race in the shortest time possible. You start the game by participating in a race that gives you access to more competitions. It comes with two types of game, which are personal tournaments and championship status. With championship status you can play different levels, while the only race allows you to play all the levels you completed in championship mode. With this mode you can remember all the previous runs to set a better record. The local racer comes with a timer that records the time it took to finish the race. You also have your best time so you can quickly see (function () {(‘app-page-desktop preview’);}); The game offers several vehicles that you can use. Players can unlock a new car each time they complete the first two, if you’re looking for a basic game, like Forza Series or Asphalt, it’s best to look for a different game because Street Racer is for casual players looking for entertainment. The game does not provide the interior of the car and has no imitation function to drive. It gives you a top-down perspective, so you’re more of a viewer than the actual one, the game only has one race track, so it won’t give you a different opinion. The only thing you will consider when playing is when you are about to turn, which will not be a problem. The game provides a small song map in the lower left corner of the screen to give you a wider view of the song. In addition, a red arrow appears on the track during turnaround time. Don’t bother to think of your turns, because the arrow shows yours, when the game comes in 3D, you won’t see as good images as popular racing games. Cars, song and all the other items in the game have a very simple look. The game also offers no additional effects. So, even if you meet other cars on the track, our car will continue as if nothing has looked better. With that in mind, Street Racer would be a great game if you’re looking for a casual running game. It can give you a good feeling, especially if you want to keep a good time record. But for enthusiastic players, it may not meet your expectations. The game is a simple and repetitive game that can be bored two minutes after play. So, if you are looking for a racing game that is full of action, you may want to look elsewhere.

Street Racer

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