Uncleared Checks in Bank Reconciliation Statement

outstanding checks meaning

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  • We answer your questions about this financial term and what to do when managing an outstanding check.
  • The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, which went into effect in 2004, made it legal for banks to use substitute checks when collecting funds from other banks.
  • If an outstanding check is cashed after you asked a bank to stop the payment, you will be responsible for proving that you took the necessary steps to complete the payment.
  • This is because most banks will cash checks up to six months after they have been cashed.
  • On the payee side, outstanding checks create a risk of expiring or becoming “stale.” When this happens, the check can’t be cashed or deposited, and the payment must be reissued or made another way.
  • Different banks have different processing times, but most outstanding deposits typically clear within three business days.

How To Order Checks From Bank of America

Put the date of the check, the amount, the payor, and the check number in your ledger that came with the checkbook. If you use a digital budgeting tool or bookkeeping software, indicate this on the line item for the transaction, as well. Outstanding checks aren’t necessarily inherently bad; however, there are some risks and downsides to have checks linger.

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outstanding checks meaning

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Outstanding business checks

As mentioned above, you may need to return the original check or sign documents confirming the check is lost or destroyed. If you cannot find the issuer, consult your state’s abandoned property program to claim assets. Ask outstanding checks the payee to sign a document promising not to deposit both checks. This won’t prevent banks from processing two deposits, but the document can provide a useful paper trail if you want to dispute one of the deposits.

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When the check reaches this expiration date, it is no longer valid, and the bank the check was written from may not honor the payment. Even if this policy isn’t written on the check, most banks have policies around check expiration. Ask the check’s originating bank if you’re unsure of how long you have to cash or deposit a check. A check becomes outstanding simply by not being cashed or deposited.

  • The payee will find the money didn’t arrive in their account, which could, in turn, even cause them to overdraft their own account.
  • Business owners know that outstanding checks might take weeks or months to get cashed.
  • It is the illegal act of knowingly writing a check from an account with insufficient funds and depositing the check into another bank account.
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  • If a check was issued to you and it’s still outstanding after six months, contact the check issuer and request a replacement.
  • You can also commit to growing your financial literacy by learning about more topics around bank accounts and payment.

The payor must be sure to keep enough money in the account to cover the amount of the outstanding check until it is cashed, which could take weeks or sometimes even months. We will assume that an outstanding check has appeared on the outstanding check list that is part of the company’s bank reconciliation for at least four months. In other words, the company issued the check more than four months earlier and the check has https://www.bookstime.com/ not yet cleared the company’s bank account. A check you’ve written clears when the funds successfully move from your account to the bank account of the person depositing the check. A check may clear the same day the recipient deposits or cashes it, or it can take up to several days. When someone deposits or cashes a check you’ve written, the cleared check has been processed by the bank and is now considered canceled.

outstanding checks meaning

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outstanding checks meaning

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