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Universal Extractor is a small, lightweight program designed to do what it says it can – extract (almost) any description of a compressed container or installer file, leaving you non-for-file access. The creators of Universal Extractor say it’s continuous, and it’s true that the app is very easy. The main window is small, all you need is a place to add the original file (manually add or drag and drop) and specify the starting location. Press OK and the contents of the compressed file will appear permanently (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); For such small applications, Universal Extractor has good configuration options and integration with shell context, which is very useful for quick extraction tasks. It also provides high scores for multiple language options. Keep in mind that Universal Extractor does not replace your regular compression program – but is still a useful little application for handling all types of compressed files, Universal Extractor is a great addition to your Extractor that supports the following formats here for a complete list.

Universal Extractor

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