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Find intruders on your Wi-Fi network Although your wireless password is password protected, it is possible that someone may have successfully contacted you without your knowledge. Now, if you are particularly charitable and don’t care about slower Internet speed so others can enjoy the Internet for free, continue. However, if you are like me and want to enjoy self-enjoying full speed internet, the wireless web viewer is the tool you need.

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Using wireless network monitoring is simple, just open the application and scan the network to see all connected devices. Within seconds, you can see any unwanted visitors. The wireless network monitor also provides detailed intruders, including IP address, MAC router, and user type.

However, it is not perfect. In our test, the wireless network viewer did not find all the devices on our network (surely large) at the first scan, and repeatedly requested tests to get the perfect picture.

Easy to use

In addition, the wireless web viewer is just a window to the network. It provides neither warning nor mechanisms to deter or deter intruders. Instead, you have to act only when you remember to look, but only when you remember to look.

The plus side is that the Wireless Network Viewer is very easy to use. Click the toolbar button or press F5. The scan is almost immediate and cumulative, and computers already found remain on the list and new ones are added.

Good wifi guardian

Despite these issues, Wireless Network Viewer is a great tool for protecting your Wi-Fi network. If you suspect someone is filtering your connection, download it freely.

Added ‘Device Settings’ window (Ctrl + F9), which allows you to change the sound / balloon settings for each device individually. Toggle Device Preferences window (Ctrl + F9), which allows you to change the ball / audio tray settings for each device individually

Wireless Network Watcher

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